You don’t need to be a strong swimmer to take part in this event but should be comfortable swimming 2 miles in the pool which is roughly:

115 lengths  of a 25 metre pool or 57 lengths of a 50 metre pool

The swim is just over 4 miles long and tidally-assisted, which sounds daunting if you’re used to a pool, but means that the distance will feel easier than it would in a lake or in the sea. You will be able to see the bank at all times, there will be ‘get out’ points along the river, plus fully supported boats to assist you should you need them. You will be part of a small group (up to 20 swimmers maximum) completing this event so help will constantly be available to you should you need it.

If you are unsure whether or not this event is right for you get in touch with our swim guru Andrew for an informal chat.